Wellness Program

Our Wellness Program

Consists of special formulated phases tailored to the particular needs of every individual. The program features Six Phases aimed towards rebalancing the body, mind and spirit, which will have significant improvement on our patients overall health. We are the product of our past decisions. The choices we take today will produce the actions to create personal changes, as well as ignite the body conscious power to generate a complete wellness state.

We have the firm purpose of helping people awaken the hidden potential of making good choices towards a more successful existence and to reveal the benefits in the body, in the mental process and the environment.

Every aid or action to improve the immune system functionality is the key to revitalize our present health condition.Our treatment includes a protein supplement as an immunological therapy platform acting like a booster agent or immunomodulator, increasing all related cytokines with TH1 immune response. (Cytokines are direct signaling molecules used in the intracellular communication).For example, in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections, the treatment with these specific proteins acts like fusion inhibitors that blocks the entry of GP41 main antigen of the virus. Also, the real effect in the immune cells is related with the increase of Interferon-gamma (IFN-?) levels, originally called macrophage-activating factor, Interleukine-2 (IL-2) known as T cells grow factor and IL-6, all this improve the defense cells response.

Some others like specific proteins on the ovarian cancer cells bind with this immune supplement, forming an antigen complex called superantigen, increasing the level of specific monoclonal antibodies against those superantigens, and the result is the killing of the cancer cells.

Phase I. Initial Health Status
 First of all, we want to establish a real diagnosis, considering all the aspects or factors involved in the process of illness. We need to identify the root of the disease, so we can focus on a precise treatment plan.
The panel of tests contains the conventional medical assessment or clinical history file as the central guide, lifestyle evaluation (Ayurveda), psychological examinations, anthropometry and physical performance measures.
All this is supported by an Electronic File Software and other technological utilities such as medical equipment and diagnosis gadgets, as well as an experimented medical team and our professional health promoters’ net.

Phase 2: Detox
 We are usually exposed to a great number of toxins in our body such as the harming chemicals in the water, the pollution of the air, the drugs we take, and all of the additives, preservatives and parabens in the processed food we eat. All of this has a powerful potential to produce a damaging cellular stress
Independently of the diagnosis, we all need to go through detox periodically, especially if we are in a contaminated environment or if we have an unconscious lifestyle. Some patients with special conditions need to get rid of toxins in an intensive way, because toxins may be delaying recovery.
Something similar happens with mental toxins and emotional stress. So the body and mind requires to work properly without any of this energy consuming materials.

The target organs are the intestines, liver, lungs, spleen, kidney, heart and brain. Furthermore, the musculoskeletal system needs energy to work out, because we want to build to improve everything.
The process is simple; it resets the metabolism and saves energy for recovery. It works to prepare further therapy, for better nutrient absorption, improvement in all apparatus and systems, and clear the mind.
The combination of raw organic food, fasting techniques, alkaline water, herbal cleansers, spa like treatments (thermotherapy, cryotherapy) and work out (yoga) is the best way to detox an individual.

Phase 3: Nutrition
We heard this all the time, “we are what we eat”, a very true statement that emphasizes the necessity of healthy food to be healthy.

Today, food has become more and more processed, unnatural, and full of artificial flavors. Aggregate to this, the natural food is lacking the original amount of nutrients.

We want to bring to every patient whole unprocessed foods, plenty of vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants, healthy fats and supplementation (nutraceuticals and probiotics), in order to provide the immune system of all kinds of materials to fight disease, accelerate recovery and become healthier.
Our professional experienced nutritionist will make the plan and will put emphasis on nutritional deficiencies while being delicious too. Local ingredients and seasonal scheme diet are the Life Choice way to do nutrition.

We will always bring superfoods to the table since they are known for the ability to ward off cancer, heart disease, reduce cholesterol, and provide a high quality calories.

It’s important to provide the body with the requirements for exercise during the cardiovascular workout, as well as fuel to the brain.

Phase 4: Reactivation
The conditioning of the body is a very important step for any healing process. It makes your body, mind and spirit stronger. It has been proven to diminish and prevent serious chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and obesity.

Training helps with depression in all their modalities (immunological, physical, mental, emotional, etc.), anxiety, sleep problems and it is incredibly mood lifting. This is because physical activity promotes biochemical changes in the brain that stimulate neurochemicals such as serotonin and endorphins, which are responsible for an increase of happiness and feeling of well-being, and keeps you focus on your daily activities according to your personal purposes.

During the program the patients will have different wellness activities such as art, reading, mental training, spiritual reconnection practices, wine tasting trips, meditation, lectures, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, movies and free time. Also the patients will receive quiropractic assessment and treating, revitalizing spa like procedures and stimulating food.

The most important thing in this phase is the workout plan. It consists in a progressive training base, including cardiovascular conditioning, strength and core exercise, flexibility and resistance; with the intention of increasing your physical and mental performance.

Phase 5: Maintenance and Prevention
The next step is the most important part of the program. After the patient has reached the objectives that were planned in the beginning, their stay in our facility approaches to its conclusion.

The new achieved habits, the transformation on the body composition, the lifestyle changes and the overall improvement should be constantly maintained to ensure our patient’s health in the long run.

It is obtained by continuing a mental attitude towards exercise, appropriate diet, protein supplements and regular spiritual practice. The objective is to sustain the efficiency and efficacy of the immunological system during the next months.

We will make a checkup regularly. It can be done at home through telephone calls, using telemedicine or through our website; also the patients can visit the center periodically to stay for a weekend.

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