Detox for the body and mind


A very important step for a immune therapy is the use of a detoxification process, which aims for a cleanse of the body and it resets it to its original form, being able to absorb nutrients in a stronger way. The combination of raw organic food, fasting techniques, alkaline water, herbal cleansers, spa like treatments (thermotherapy, cryotherapy) and work out (yoga) is one of the best ways to detox an individual.

We are usually exposed to a great number of toxins in our body such as the harming chemicals in the water, the pollution of the air, the drugs we take, and all of the additives, preservatives and parabens in the processed food we eat. All of this has a powerful potential to produce a damaging cellular stress.

Independently of the diagnosis, we all need to go through detox periodically, especially if we are in a contaminated environment or if we have an unconscious lifestyle. Some patients with special conditions need to get rid of toxins in an intensive way, because toxins may be delaying recovery. Something similar happens with mental toxins and emotional stress. The body and mind requires to work properly without any of this energy consuming materials.

The target organs are the intestines, liver, lungs, spleen, kidney, heart and brain. Furthermore, the musculoskeletal system needs energy to work out, because we want to build to improve everything. The process is simple; it resets the metabolism and saves energy for recovery. It works to prepare further therapy, for better nutrient absorption, improvement in all apparatus and systems, and clear the mind.

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