Life Choice’s IPF featured on HIV plus magazine

Life Choice’s Immunotherapy Program was featured 3 years ago on the popular HIV Plus Magazine. Below is the article:

A research team presented data indicating that Irreversible Pepsin Fraction (IPF) — a natural auto-antibody based fractionated protein — displays significant antiviral activity without indications of resistance.

The research was presented at the Fifth European Conference on Clinical and Social Research on AIDS and Drugs in Vilnius, Lithuania.

“We believe that IPF shows strong promise for a therapy that will stop or at least reduce the frequency with which HIV can enter a protected cell,”

IPF displayed spontaneous binding with glycoprotein 41, believed to be the “trap door” entrance for HIV into immune system cells. The study also indicates that IPF exhibits fusion inhibition of HIV with CD4 cells and increased gp41 and gp120 antigenic activity.

“The basic research indicates that it can lock the trap door known to be gp41. We hope to soon announce a trial in humans where we hope to confirm these findings.”

Source: HIV Plus Magazine | Compound Shows Anti-HIV Activity

Jorge: HIV Testimonial

We introduce to you our patient’s HIV testimonial. Jorge has been symptom free from his HIV infection on the last 3 years.

Jorge is a 29 year old man that has suffered from HIV infection for the last 8 years. He started suffering from side effects with his antiretroviral medications, started losing weight and developed spots all over his body. On 2009 Jorge discovered Life Choice Integrative Therapy and his symptoms disappeared. He’s been symptom free for the last 3 years.

Read more about our Immunotherapy Program and how it strengthens the immune system.

Life Choice Integrative Therapy – A Unique Cancer/HIV Treatment

Welcome to Life Choice Integrative Therapy.

We offer a complete wellness program combined with a unique immunotherapy treatment that helps fight malignant cells for cancer and treats HIV infection very effectively. We offer a unique approach to promote, treat, maintain, prevent, rehabilitate and optimize our patients health condition.

Our main focus is to treat immune related with a focus on HIV infection and Cancer. Other ailments include Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Hepatitis C and Herpes. We achieve this by following our Wellness Program and our Immunotherapy Treatment.

Every step is carefully planned, targeting and treating the core of the disease, not only masking the symptoms. Our therapies are based on scientific evidence using a combination of Complementary Medicine which induces a healthy lifestyle, Traditional Medicine which helps heal the body from within, and Specific-based Immunotherapy aimed for the root of the ailment. These treatments are the principal components of Life Choice Integrative Therapy compromise.